I didn't know civilized conversations were possible with drow.

"pre-session 6"

As they walk down the mansion halls, Shadow asks “Tro, did you say before that you were from Westerfield?”
“Yah. . . Why?” he replies, suspicious.
“I was wondering if you know a man named Carl?”
“I knew him, he was murdered… Why are you asking, witch?”
“Murdered! Are you certain? Was it the black hand?”
“Huh? The black hand, no, why would they want to kill my master?”
Shadow mutters “Master, eh? I asked Nedavin what she knew of this black hand. She said they spy on all watchers, and named your master a watcher. Are you certain the black hand had nothing to do with your masters murder?”
Disturbed and intrigued, Tro replies, “I got to Carl’s house just before he passed. With his dying breath, he told me he was murdered by an old acquaintance by the name of Krull Moot. Krull was being manipulated. Carl never mentioned anything about watchers to me? Who are they?”
“The black hand want to ‘wake the gods.’ The watchers watch over the gods sleep, ensuring their rest is not disturbed ‘until they’re ready.’ Nedavin doesn’t seem to know much more than that, though she did mention another watcher named Jar Cor Blackgrave. We should seek him out, we may find more information.”



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