Session 10

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Standing nearly 11 feet tall, Rindil looks down upon the attacker that just tried to slice off a piece of him with his sword. His attacker did not look particularly fierce, well armored or even that knowledgeable on how to wield a sword. In a different situation Rindil may have hesitated but the night’s events have put him in a state where he was in no mood to talk. Having heard Tro’s door being kicked in he had gone to help out his friend but while battling the attackers he was somehow enlarged to twice his size. Thanks to his new size, and weight, he fell through the floor and nearly ended up in the basement. Having not seen Corbin cast this spell on him, he assumed that this was some joke played on him by the witch Shadow. Not willing to let Shadow’s prank get the better of him, he charged at the two swordsmen in front entrance and was met by two more attackers firing arrows at him from the dark. They weren’t particularly accurate but Rindil wasn’t about to take any chances. The man standing in front of him had already landed a lucky blow and seemed to be bolstered by this accomplishment. Rindil decided to end the fight quickly and with his increased size he brought a crashing blow down onto his attacker and fell him with a single blow. Rindil then threw his invisibility cloak over him and moved to find the archers in the dark.

Meanwhile back at the inn, Tro and Lady Gwenevere were in the basement of the inn along with the attacker that had kicked in Tro’s door and then fell through the hole left by Rindil. Lady Gwenevere checked the attacker’s health and determined that he was still alive. Corbin arrives shortly afterwards and ensure that the attacker is stabilised so that they can question him later. Lady Gwenevere runs up the stairs to see if she can find out what’s happened to the others in the group. She gets to the hall on the main level only to find that she’s on the wrong side of the hole in the floor. She sees Shadow looking down into the hole calling out to the others if they are okay. Just then the innkeeper tries to bolt out of the main lounge to get outside. Shadow spots him and runs after him. Lady Gwenevere decides that she needs to get to the other side and help Shadow and decides to jump across hole. She takes leaps across the hole only to land just short. She crashes onto the edge of the floor on the opposite side and begins to fall into the hold. The landing knocks the wind out of her but she manages to grab some boards to keep from falling into the hole.

Having already failed at crossing the hole, Tro decides not to try the same approach as Lady Gwenevere. Instead, he grabs some barrels and stacks them up so that Lady Gwenevere can get her footing and climb out of the hole. Tro and Corbin follow her out of the hole.

When the party last saw Pietro he was climbing out the second story window and heading to the roof to get a better view of what the party might be faced with. He sees some figures at the front of the inn and hears the sounds of a battle. In the back he sees four figures approaching the inn with torches. Hidden under his cloak of invisibility he fires an arrow at one of the figures. He hits and the figure yells in pain as he drops his torch on himself lighting his clothes on fire. The figure then runs off into the darkness yelling and trying to put out the fire. The other 3 figures approach the inn and move to the windows for the storage and kitchen. Pietro loses sight of them for a moment but then sees them run away from the building without their torches. Suspecting that the figures have set the building on fire, Pietro ties a rope to the inn’s chimney and climbs down to the ground. He finds that the kitchen and storage areas are indeed on fire. The building’s old dry wood is perfect fuel for the fire and it begins to spread quickly. Pietro calls out to anyone that can hear him that the building is on fire. He then jumps into the storage room and uses a barrel of water and his bedroll to put out the fire.

Back inside the inn Lady Gwenevere and Shadow have cornered the innkeeper and are questioning him. Shadow is doing her best to intimidate him to get him to explain what he knows about the attackers. The innkeeper confesses to being the one who organised the attack on the party. He says that he was approached by the thieves’ guild and told that if he found anyone carrying any unusual artifacts that they should be held for the guild and that there would be a large reward. The innkeeper claims that he was just trying to recover from the losses he suffered from the last time the Rindil caused problems at the inn. Looking around the inn and seeing the damage caused by Rindil during this stay, the two women feel that there may be some truth to his story. Lady Gwenevere tells the innkeeper that they will resolve this matter afterwards but first we need to put out the fire. She tells the innkeeper to lead them to the well so that they can put out the fire. They head out the front of the inn only to encounter Rindil. Rindil had just finished killing one of the archers and subduing the other when sees them. He hears that the innkeeper is responsible for the attack on the party and so he chases the innkeeper around the back of the inn. There he tackles him and threatens to tear him limb from limb if he doesn’t explain everything. However, the innkeeper is unable to offer any new information. Lady Gwenevere confronts Rindil and convinces him to not to kill the innkeeper and to help them put out the fire. Pietro, Shadow, Corbin, Lady Gwenevere and the inn keeper work quickly to carry water from the well to the inn and manage to put out the fire before it gets out of control.

While the rest of the party is working on the fire, Tro had traveled back upstairs to ensure that Corbin wasn’t still in his room. Corbin had run back to his room when he heard Pietro calling about the fire. Corbin raced to his room to gather his belongings and then jumped out the window to help the others fight the fire. Not realising that Corbin was already safely outside, Tro stood before the hole on the second floor calling out for Corbin. However, instead of finding Corbin, he found an old woman who was trapped on the wrong side of the hole in the floor. Tro tries to convince her to leave but she just returns to her room saying she can’t leave her “baby”. Tro tries to jump across the hole in the floor but doesn’t make it and ends up falling into the basement. Rindil was looking through the open window in Corbin’s room and saw Tro fall. Rindil lets the others know that Tro fell and then he heads around the front to see if he can get into the inn. Tro survives the fall but is rather frustrated and attacks the lone intruder still unconscious in the basement. Tro’s attack is a little stronger than he had intended and he “accidentally” kills the intruder. He then climbs out of the basement using the barrels he and the others had used before.

With Tro safe and the fire out, the rest of the party is able to help the old lady and her pet dog (her baby) out of her room, along with five or six trunks of possessions. The party tie up the innkeeper and the unconscious archer and rest in the inn for the night. The next morning they question both of their “prisoners” to try and gather additional information. They do not get any additional information and so they release the innkeeper and his accomplice and continue on their journey to the city of Blackwater.

On the way to the city, the party decides to enter separately so as not to draw too much attention. They also decide to hide the more noticeable gear that they collected from the ogre cave (e.g. Lady Gwenevere’s new armor). They agree to meet at Lady Gwenevere’s family home where they are able to meet her family and get a hot meal. Rindil, feeling overly cautious, decides not to enter the house and instead hides outside in his invisibility cloak eating his rations and trying to think up ways to get back at Shadow for making him fall through the floor of the inn. While traveling through the city the party notices that there are several flying ships docked over the city. One ship in particular stands out as it is clearly larger and more elegant then the others.

The party spend a few hours at Lady Gwenevere’s home eating, helping out around the house, and questioning her parents about everything they know about the watcher, the airships, and any strange events in the city. Lady Gwenevere’s parents are only able to offer a little bit of information and so after dinner the party leaves the house, split up and head to the market area.

  • Lady Gwenevere heads to the knight’s garrison and tries to gather information. All the knights can tell her is that someone with a name like Jar Cor Blackgrave (the watcher) probably lives in the dock area of the city.
  • Tro visits both of the local blacksmiths to try and get a new weapon made. He angers one of the blacksmiths, a half-orc, because he came to him after meeting with the dwarven smith.
  • Shadow tries to buy several very expensive books but Pietro talks her out of it as it would draw too much attention to her. Shadow is confused by this and questions what’s the point of having these coins (holding up her bag of gold) if she can’t spend them. Pietro tries to rush her out of the shop before she makes too much of a scene with her innocent but concerning questions.
  • A young peasant boy delivers a note to Corbin from an unknown individual that states he may be in danger and to meet him at a local bar (the lucky wench??). Afterwards Corbin notices that his coin purse was cut and all of his money is gone.
  • Rindil follows Lady Gwenevere around for a while but then spots two peasant boys robbing the citizens by cutting their coin purses and stealing their money. Rindil slips on his invisibility cloak and starts to follow one of the boys. He figures that the boys must be working for the local thieves’ guild. He figures that he can capture one and gain some information about the guild or follow him to their hideout.



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