Session 11

JP – tracking cutpurses -

D & P – In the in market, P is trying to keep from being mobbed by the crowd after D announced the the crowd how much gold and platinum she has on her.

B & R – visiting blacksmiths and generally offending their sensibilities.

B – Some character passed a message to Brian re a warning/meeting late at night.

Spots the character who is moving toward D & JO – R follows

JJ – follows

All – there seems to be some additional armed folks standing around appearing shifty.

JO deferred D’s need to purchase books using the cash that will result in execution.

G – finds a suspicious character, loses track of them but spots B & R.

JP – Grabs a kid and gets a knife in the ribs for his efforts. Manages to keep an hand on him even after receiving the Winnipeg handshake.

Hits the child and makes arrangements to meet him in a bar later that evening.

JJ – tries to move through the crowd unnoticed, fails.

BJ – Moves towards – JO & D

- Fight -

JO – Sends D into the store and away from the attacker Suspicious dude springs into action, all of the others follow suit.

B – Tackles guy

X breaks B’s grapple but fails to break JO’s, losing his scalp in the process. B & R have sacks draped over their heads.

JO – Removed the arm of the only armed individual. B – heal checked the guy,

G – gets attacked with a club, saved. Removed the heads of three folks in one swing

JP – Shoots another person

JJ – Tackles another

The guards arrive

Gur pursues an assailant, loses them. JP follows on the roof tops. The two of them continue to follow. Lose them far away from the market. Abandons the effort and head to the meetup with “oliver”.

The rest dispersed with prisoners, question them and find that they are part of the “Ravens” who are obviously members of the Black Hand. Group decides to keep the prisoners for an extended period. Sets them up in an inn.

G waits inside, JP outside to meet with Varluck. Meets an underling, couldn’t intimidate a small kitten. The underling kills the messenger boy.


Hey I rolled a 3 for my intimidate check…that would’ve atleast scared a small kitten…maybe not a full grown cat but atleast a small kitten :P

Session 11

Heh, I can just picture you character on the side jotting down all these notes as they happen. It makes it feel very Monty Python-esque when I do. :)

Session 11

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