Session 12

We deposited our prisoner from the market incident in a nearby Inn, the others seem to think it an inconspicuous location. After questioning him, we disarmed, gaged and bound him with rope. After a brief discussion we decided to head to the busty wench to see what we can discover about Corbin’s letter.

We approached the situation rather tactfully. We skirted the market to avoid harassment by town guard. Tro watched the entrance for suspicious people in the street, while Pietro watched the back lane, all connected via message spells. This proved prudent as he forewarned us of men with bows on the roof-tops. Shortly after, Rindil saunters in and man with a urchin approach from another street. They exchange some words, after witch the man slits the boy’s throat. At this our roof-top watchers draw arrows.

Pietro is standing beside one as this happens, and tries to cut his bowstring while hiding under his cloak. The thief leader uses a smoke bomb, and Rindil charges in just as the child coughs. He grabs the boy and runs to find help, unaware that we are so close. Corbin sees and calls to Rindil, who shoves the kid into Corbins arms. Meanwhile, Tro has already joined the combat and is firing arrows at the men on the rooftops. I take cover behind a garbage bin and ask Momoa to scout the roof for danger. He finds something dangerous, but Pietro shoots it. Genevieve lets her chivalry show, drawing fire from the bowmen while shielding Corbin. Corbin enlarges her, and the last thief runs. Pietro hits him with a final arrow.

The injured bowmen lands on the ground in front of the inn. Corbin attempts, unsuccessfully, to convince the crowd the hurt thief was mugged. I cast a fortune Hex on him, and he convinces them just as the town guard arrive. While Corbin tells them it was a mugging, Tro pipes up that preventing these situations is the guards job, and Corbin is doing it for them. His guilt trip works a little too well, and the guard insist on helping Corbin, who asks that they take the injured kid (also “mugged”) to a church for medical attention. They take the kid, but leave a gaurd behind with Corbin. Gen tried to convince him that she will watch Corbin for him, but he’s reluctant. Pietro and I go a few blocks and I scream, to draw him away from the others. After this we are able to carry the thief up stairs and interrogate him.

It seems they were from the new, smaller thieves guild. Their leader, Romero (a.k.a. R), was hired by Vandar, and came up with the letter as a ploy to draw us into an ambush. There’s a reward for Corbin, though this thief was too low ranking to know any details. He doesn’t even know how many people are in this new thieves guild.

Out of character, we have a chance to ask as many questions as we want between sessions. The thief who got away was Varlock (name was mentioned in game). Nobody in the group of thieves we fought had black hand tattoos.



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