Session 14

Where oh where has my wererat gone!

Session 14

After defeating the snake and rescuing Pietro from its belly, we continue down the passage until we encounter two tunnels. One bares the symbol of the wererats and the other is partially blocked by fallen rumble. Wanting to avoid the wererats we decide to climb over the rubble. With Corbin leading the way, most of us climb through the rubble without much trouble. The tunnel leads to another tee junction where Corbin hears voices coming from one side of the passage. He dispels his light spell and we extinguish our torches. Just then Lady Gwenevere and Xaveak are attacked by some type of ooze. With the torches out most of us cannot see what’s happening. It takes a minute or so to get some torches lit so we can see what’s going on. Tro, Doug and Rindil proceed to attack the ooze with their torches and free Gwenevere and Xaveak.

After Gwenevere and Xaveak recover from the attack, we get ready to venture into the tunnel. Corbin and Rindil move to the edge of the tunnel just as two thief guild members show up. They approach our position but we quickly put out our torches and we go unnoticed. Corbin gives the signal to Rindil to attack and Rindil kills one of the thieves with an arrow to the head. Corbin moves to attack the remaining thief but he slips and falls to the ground. The thief attacks Corbin and spears him in the chest. Just then a creature attacks from the opposite side and tackles the thief into the darkness. Unable to see where the creature went, Rindil jumps down into the tunnel and waits under his cloak of invisibility. Lady Gwenevere moves to join the fight but slips and falls to the ground. Pietro moves into help and loses his footing but manages not to fall. Having killed the thief the creature lunges at us and narrowly misses Pietro and Rindil. Having lit a torch Tro is able to see what is going on and jumps off the rubble pile and pins the creature to the ground. With the creature now in the light we are able to see that it is a wererat. Before it can be questioned it throws Tro off of him and tries to run back down the tunnel; however, Rindil is ready with his bow and drops the creature with a single shot. We take a few minutes to examine the remains of the ooze, the wererat, and the two thieves. On the body of one of the thieves we find a key.

We regroup and head down the tunnel where the thieves came from only to encounter a lone thief looking for his colleagues. Pietro and Doug charge the thief and make short work of him; Doug kills him with a single crushing blow. We continue down the tunnel until we encounter a ladder heading up through a grate. We climb up and find ourselves in the washrooms of the thief’s guild. We head out into a set of hallways where there are several doors along each hallway. Pietro and Rindil sneak around listening to the doors for sounds of movement. Pietro hears someone snoring in one of the rooms. He sneaks into the person’s room and knocks him out with a solid hit from the hilt of his sword. The rest of the group moves into the hall as we try to determine our next move.

End of session 14.



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