Session 15

We finished scouring the basement, finding it occupied only by a cook and his two delinquent dishwashers. The next floor housed the mess hall and Tro discovered that the prisoners and all the higher ups were “upstairs in Romero’s study” and that Kraal Moot was with him.  We hurried to the next floor only to find barracks, a library, and sleeping quarters for 60 or so men. While deciding what to do next, Rindil heard someone coming up the stairs.  Rindil jumped him for more thoughal questioning. 

With more clear directions, we found the prisoners, on the next floor. Gwen’s mother was shaken but otherwise unharmed, and told us it was too late to save her father. They were questioning another man now, we assume it is the watcher Nedavin mentioned.  We rushed into the room to save him. Most of them gave us little trouble, and several ran, but Romero was a wererat and had a friend with exceptional fighting skills. Pietro and myself followed the ones who fled up the rope latter, and discovered flying canoes on the next floor. 

. . . 



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