Session 6

As we all woke and tended to the worse of our injuries, Tro begged for his weapons back. First he stabs Gueneviere in the back, then he asks us to arm him?!? In stead we armed him with a shield, I care for my life and well being too much to give him a sword. It seems the others agree, as no one backed him.

We left our refuge inside the head as well rested as we would get in this forsaken edifice, and searched the rooms behind the statue. As I suspected, they were some sort of control room. Gears could be seen everywhere, and the walls were lined with levers. On inspection, the letters bboocc had Symbols beside them. Pulling the levers b-o-c-c-o-b activated some mechanism, which contained a pendant with the gods symbol. Corbin says it is not a holy symbol, I’ll have to study this thing to figure out what it does. The room mirroring that one had broken levers in a language I can not read. It appears it also has symbols by boccob, but without knowing which letter is which I cannot spell his name. Corbin may have a spell that would help. We will try on our way out.

The corpse I found earlier proved interesting. He appears to have died quite some time ago, by mundane sword wound. Possibly from these fake skeletons Reglanon Farseer is so fond of. Our deceased friend carried a note. It reads :

I’m sorry my wife is putting you thru this, but I am sure that if you return with the treasure you shall have Ala’s hand in marriage. These heirlooms provided will be of great help to you on your quest. I used these myself to win a great many battles. Breath and Life are truely dazzling, are they not? And Eel is freshly sharpened.
-Angus Softbottom

He carried an enchanted sword and a ring, and was missing one finger, which likely held the other ring.

As we had sufficiently searched everything here we continued down the path Corbin found under the mechanical head. At the bottom of the slide was a peculiar room with strange creatures, the likes of which none of us had ever seen. Black slugs coated with slime whipped tentacles arching with electricity. Watching their movements and a few educated guesses on our part showed that these creatures could not see. The floor of the room had several inches of water. As such, when the slugs flung their tentacles, they would shock the water and the lightning would split and hit all in the room. I had hoped I could find some small stones in the water to throw, as the creatures seemed to be able to sense when things moved in the water, but all I could find were animal statues, a foot in hight, and carved of solid stone.
There was also strange pillars. The pillars shot darts, and would then rotate to face a new direction. While the others bravely fought the lightning slugs, I avoided the creatures by climbing the dart pillars. On the top of the pillars were reliefs of animals carved into the stone. As we inspected more statues and more pillars, we found that they matched, though there were several extra statues.

I was able to place the first statue on a pillar just as the others defeated the second slug. Matching the pieces gave bonuses like their animal counter part, owl’s wisdom or bulls strength, while being hit by darts gave penalties. The first I placed was owl. Corbin took the eagle, Tro bear, Rindil the cat, Genevieve bull, and Pietro placed the fox motif. Placing the last motif raised the portcullis blocking the next room.


Nice write-up. I like the personal comments from Shadow. It makes it feel like were reading a story and not just a list of what happened.

Session 6

Glad you like it. I think it’s fun writing in character.

I give lots of traffic. ;)

Session 6

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