Session 9

From Loot to Lousy

In typical adventure party fashion, we got down to business; Figuring out the loot. We spent some time reviewing the loot that we had collected, splitting coinage, and allocating items to the most appropriate members. After that was out of the way we spent some time questioning the captives. After we were done with them, we locked them back up in the cells with plenty of food and a promise to return for them. Unfortunately that promise was quit pointless as we left the cave a freak earthquake hits and the cave collapses most surely killing everyone inside. Bewildered by the earthquake, the party investigates the area looking for any changes our for a source of the quake. The only note we make is that there are no animal sounds. It seems very quiet. We head off for the direction of BlackWater when we come across a lone inn at a major crossroad of the highway. Rindil begins to act rather suspicious and decideds to camp out in a field while the rest of the party checks out the inn (rest of the party is unaware that he had an altercation in this inn before joining up with the group). The party speaks to the inn keeper and he appears to be rather excited that there are actual customers. We agree on splitting up the party into three rooms and when we pay the inn keeper appears to be shocked at the coins we are using. The party realizes that the coins have weird emblems on them and appear to be from somewhere else. The party dines then goes to bed. While this is occurring, Rindil is watching bouncer outside the inn and the front door. In the middle of the night the inn keeper comes out and speaks to the bouncer, immediately the bouncer heads off to town. Rindil sees this as his opportunity to sneak into the inn. He attempts to wake up Tro so that he can get into the room.
However Tro does not seem to wake and instead Guen comes out into the hall to see what all the noise is about. Unable to wake Tro, Rindil goes back with Guen to her room with Shadow.
Later in the night the characters hear the sounds of movement in the hallway. Suddenly Tro’s door is kicked open with a loud bang. Tro continues to sleep through this. However Rindil comes out to investigate. Rindil calls out to waken Tro and then proceeds to engage the enemy. They appear to be about 4 robbers. Rindil manages to take out one of the them right away. Guen runs out into the hall and knocks out one of the thugs. All this commotion has cause Pietro to start investigating. Woken by the noise, Corbin opens his door and casts enlarge on Rindil. The added girth on Rindil causes the floor to give way and he falls down a level catching himself before falling down into the basement. One of the thugs attempts to run out of Tro’s room and instead he falls down the hole that Rindil made falling to his possible death (way to go Rindil and Corbin team). Pietro notices that there are more figures outside holding torches and begins to fear that they may want to burn down the inn. Pietro climbs out the window and gets up onto the roof preparing his bow. Rindil smashes through the front door in a crouched position knocking over two of the thugs outside. Guen makes her way down the stairs and calls for the rest of the party members to follow. Corbin makes his way to the hole Rindil made, and climbs down the ledge and swings down to the main level. Tro attempts to walk around the hole but is sloppy and falls down to the basement. Tro lands next to the thug that had falled down the hole as that thug starts to get up. Rindil gets up and takes a monster swing decapitating one of the thugs that he had knocked over


There. Fixed it so it was after Session 8. Good job Brian!

Session 9

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