Innsha Mire

Innsha mire is filled with many horrors. ┬áThe foul swamp is best known for it’s crocodiles, zombies, and its lone inhabitants, an elven witch named Nedavin and her drow protege Shadow.

Rumor has it that the swamp was once a beautiful land. When the witch came she cursed the land, corrupting the very soil.

Wild Life

The mire is home to many creature, some friendlier than others.

Innumerable reptiles live in the swamp, including crocodiles, Iguana, several variety of gecko, and hundreds of different frogs. Most notable is the ice cloud frog, who glows a mysterious blue-white light for a short period at dusk. Primarily used for mating, it is believed that this glow is caused by light reflecting off it’s pale blue skin at a very specific angle. Coincidentally, this frog tastes awful, which explains why it has lasted to long.

Innsha mire is also home to azalea snakes. Azalea snakes are the largest known snakes in Aellea. Bards report their length exceeding 30 cubits. It is believed they feed primarily on crocodiles and the slow moving undead.

The mire is also home to a plethora of birds. Due to the large population of large land reptiles, most birds native to the bog are tree-nesting. Such suicidal birds include screech owls, crows, blue jays, swamp sparrows, Yellow-bellied flycatchers, as well as the odd Barnacle goose and Ippson “green” vultures.

On the other end of the spectrum, mammals tend to be a bit more limited in variation. The majority of these one would see are rats, while their winged cousins, bats, thrive at night. On occation, small, tree-climbing marmosets can be spotted jumping from branch to branch.

Midget Zombies

Recently travelers through the mire are claiming that they have spotted little midget zombies roaming the wilds. Some have labeled them Gripper Zombies. Careful as these little guys are quicker than their larger brethren and tend to resort to hair pulling and ankle biting. To avoid being ravaged like a Mickey Mouse mascot at Disney Land wearing a cotton candy costume, make sure that you stick to the paths and the caravan. If all else fails, make sure that you light yourself on fire before they jump on you so that at least you will give those little nasty buggers some indigestion.

Innsha Mire

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