Raglanon's Haven

This artifact is a gift to the party from the god Boccob. Created from powerful illusion magic, it appears to be a small stone carving of a house. Once activated it grows into an enormous mansion.

The party first encountered the mansion in Innsha mire. It blocked the path of the caravan, and we were forced to investigate. Traps and puzzles filled every room. The final room held the remains of Reglanon himself. Drow had chained him to his throne, trapping him there for all eternity. Negotiations ended quickly, and the group had to kill the apparition. Soon we blacked out, but not before we were able to gather a few items. Among those were two manuscripts.

The first manuscript was more of an instruction manual. It details the use of the house, and gives specific instructions on how to modify and use it.

The second manuscript is heavily encoded. Looking at it gives the user migraines, limiting the time one may study it down to one hour a day.

Raglanon’s Research Manuscript

First page:

Raglanon's Haven

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