This is a summary of what has occurred to the group and what they know.

The group began as part of a caravan travelling from Greyloch, all for their own reasons.

Corbin was looking for his parents, who went missing almost 2 months ago. He suspects something foul has befallen them, and not from his “remedies” this time.

Lady Guinevere was looking for fame and fortune, but got stuck doing latrine duty for the caravan leader’s wife, Yarla. Only her considerable honor kept her from running Warla through.

Pietro was just looking for escape from the humdrum that was everyday life, while looking for the answers to life, the universe and everything. Upon reaching the 42nd page of his newest novel, he found adventure!

Rindil was looking to prove to everyone that he really was the best at everything, and there is a reason people should worship him. He was making himself useful in the caravan after being politely asked to leave the last town he was in due to a misunderstanding with the local guards…

Shadow was working as a helper to the witch Nedavin. She secretly wanted a way out from her life in the swamp, which wasn’t exactly taxing her mental capabilities. Only her loyalty kept her from running off.

Tro Darkeyes was looking for who he is and who killed his best friend and confidant Carl. He is sure that it wasn’t his fault, but he left “just in case”

The caravan started as it had for years previous, uneventful. But during the first night there, it was set upon by the infamous zombies that plague the area. The group discovered that someone had “suppressed” Nedavin’s magic, and allowed the zombies in. That person was Garlith Firecrest. He had escaped during the night, carrying with him some artefact that he unearthed outside of Greloch, and killing half the guardsman in his flight. Garlith is going to use this artefact to awaken the gods in some way.

The next day many people fall ill with some affliction known as “Elf Rot”. While gathering a cure, Pietro and Shadow run across 2 more people, Xaveak Dragonsbane who seems to have been “transported” to this time from thousands of years ago and Doug Brown, who was locked up in a jail cell belonging to a group called “The Black Hand”. They also discovered that this Black Hand were keeping tabs on another group called “The Watchers” (of which Nedavin was one) who’s task it was to keep tabs on the gods’ slumber.

On returning back to the caravan, they discover that the caravan was again betrayed by its chef Begloth, who was told to eliminate any survivors. He claims it is against his will as Garlith has Begloth’s daughter. They tie him him, manufacture a cure for the disease and press on through the swamp. Along the path out, they “run into” a house that seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. Considering the rest of the caravan freezes in time, they think something is up and enter the house.

After traversing its numerous traps and making their way to some sort of portal room, they discover the former denizen of the house and what seems to be its creator, a wizard named Reglanon Farseer, a man of Xaveak’s time. Reglanon is a little more worse for wear, being no more than a corpse with an attached ghost. He was quite mad, but it seems that he was quite the inventor, having created this house and all of the traps that resided within it. He had been also trying to become a god himself, through some means known as “the God’s Tests”.

After being bested once before by some vengeful drow and chained to his throne, the ghost had made some sort of deal with Vecna to live forever, which apparently came at the cost of consuming magic. He remained tethered to his body, so his freedom was limited. After his death, in the midst of searching through the many relics laying about, the group fell unconscious.

When they awoke, the house itself was gone, but a note was left with a symbol of Boccob upon it, and a gift of the statue of the house, which could summon it into existence if so desired. Shadgith, the caravan leader was also making sure the group was going to leave the caravan once they were clear of the swamp. It seems something has him “spooked” and he will not speak of it, only that the group must not remain with the caravan.


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