Session 2 - Feb 11 2012

The Clot Thickens

written by the JAJAM Duo

After the awful events of the previous night, the members of the caravan put there noses to the grind stone and got everything back to normal. The injured were tended to, spooked cattle were rounded up, and Tro changed into clean (non-soiled) armor again. The work had taken the remainder of the night and when everything was done the Sun had risen again. The weary travelers sat down for some breakfast and then went back to their own wagons for some rest. Unfortunately, before everyone could get settled down, cries of help came from the back of the caravan. An elven child had fallen sick and his complexion darkened to almost black as he went catatonic. Almost immediately after that travelers all over the caravan (mostly elven) began to fall sick in the same way. The more schooled members of the caravan put their heads together and came to the conclusion that the food supply had been poisoned by a substance called “Elf Rot.”

All the healthy members of the caravan sprang into action. Pietro and Shadow went to the wagon of the old scholarly man and starting looking for information in the many books there.

Tro noticed the cook sneaking off and chased him down and apprehended him for questioning.

The Clerics started tending to the ill and praying for new spells. They then purified the remaining food and water supply.

Tro and Corbin were able interrogate the cook and through some mild intimidation were able to get a bit of information out of him. He had been forced into poisoning the food by the Elven treasure hunter that was already in trouble with the caravan. The treasure hunter has the cooks daughter hostage and threatened harm to her if the cook did not comply. The poisoning was a backup measure in the case that the caravan survived the night of the living dead. Being as dumb as he is the cook was led to believe that the treasure hunter had given him a magic stone to let him escape once the things got critical. Unfortunately for him, the the stone was just a stone. The cook went on to talk about an association between the treasure hunter and some organization called the “Black Hand” or something like that. He alluded to there being more than meets the eye with the treasure hunters and the chest that they carried. Tro tied the cook to the back of the caravan as a prisoner. He will have to pay for his crime regardless of the fact that he did it to save his daughter.

Then Pietro and Shadow found the cure for the Elf Rot. It is a fern like plant with red spots. The name currently escapes me. This plant is hard to find but grows right in the swamp. Shadow remembered that Nedavin had maps in her possession that detailed locations of plants and flowers in the swamp and they would lead to this plant. An expedition would be required to venture into the swamp, retrieve the plants, bring them back to Corbin who would then brew a potion out of them. Shadow and Pietro seemed like the best candidates for this task and they left the caravan in search of these plants.

The Away Team (As experienced by Shadow):
No Red Shirts So Far

Nedavin has a map detailing the locations of different herbs in the swamp, so me and Pietro set out to acquire the map to find the blood-wort we needed. A few hours into our trek we came across a heavily armored human, fighting a large python. The skiddish snake was injured and easily scared off. Pietro seemed intrigued by the human’s armor, called it a museum piece, if I remember right. The human introduced himself as Xaveak, and claimed that Lolth was still alive and the year 614. I fear he must have hurt his head, or maybe is suffering from some other ailment. We reached the hut with no other interruptions, and were able to find the map relatively fast despite Nedavin’s cluttered mess. Luckily the herb was close by, at the top of the waterfall.

There’s a cave behind the waterfall thats supposed to lead to the top. As we searched the base of the falls for the entrance, we noted bear tracks. Pietro devised a simple trap for the bear while I carefully checked for the bear inside the cave (the others could not see in the dark). I found a pair of cubs, fast asleep, as well as a doorway covered with a rag. I regrouped with the others and we safely passed the cubs.

The rag hid a staircase, too small for a full grown bear to climb. When we reached the top, we found a small dungeon. There we found yet another to tag along. Pietro picked the cell lock, freeing the half orc, who introduced himself as Doug Brown. He’s of a simple mind, and was more concerned with gathering “loot” and finding his equipment than anything else. We continued up the dungeon while Pietro questioned him.

The second floor had four rooms. We wasted no time in the latrine, kitchen and bedroom. The study had plenty to think on. It seems the people staying in this dungeon have been spying on my master for several years, and had carefully documented many of her activities. I burned the books, hopefully that will slow what-ever it is they are planning. Doug took a decorative box and a cloak. An amulet fell from the cloak, which he also wears now. I grabbed a handful of wands, a quill and message, and a strange map with glowing points. I will have to reasearch these later, but we were in a hurry to get the herbs. The last floor of the dungeon was sparse, but on the far end a human ranger was watching a mysterious orb, taking more notes in a journal. Doug and Pietro eliminated him, though Doug suffered from some unnatural wounds. We took that which seemed valuble, his quiver and Orb, burned these newer books and hurried to gather our herbs.

While the caravan waited for their return, some of the able bodied guards in the caravan decided that they would search the immediate area around the caravan for the flowers. In the hours that they searched and waited for Shadow and Pietro they managed to find 3 flowers which Corbin was able to brew into 15 doses of the antidote. Unfortunately the swamp was not without it’s risks and a number of the guards that went out did not return. This was getting worrisome as the guard on the caravan was starting to get thin. Then a figure was spotted in the swamp hiding close to the caravan. The conclusion was made that this person was likely responsible for the guards that went missing. Eventually three of the caravan guards (including Agar) went into the swamp after this person. They spotted him up in the trees and engaged. Agar was struck with an arrow and went down, eventually succumbing to his injuries. The figure in the trees made a run for it and the remaining two guards gave chase while calling for reinforcements. Unfortunately the figure was able to give the guards the slip. They returned back to the caravan with nothing to show but a dead Agar. Who will now take the lead of the guards?


I like the write-up guys. Do you know when is the rest of it coming?

Session 2 - Feb 11 2012

Danielle is writing it up. Don’t worry…I’m bugging her… :)

Session 2 - Feb 11 2012

Very interesting session. Sounds like I missed quite a bit. So how do we start the next session? Are we all together or still in different areas? Are some of still sick?

Session 2 - Feb 11 2012

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